Hi! My name is Luis and I started Spud Suds as a way to channel stress from day to day life. A way to capitalize on a craft and donate all earnings from Spud Suds to my young son Luca who I hope will one day join me in my craft. 

My Craft? Well that started as a teenager back in 2004. My parents were fortunate enough at the time to purchase my first vehicle. That car meant the world to me. It embodied adulthood, independence, and freedom. After taking it to the local wash a few times I started noticing defects that were not coming out. At that age I couldn't afford to get the car properly detailed so I was stuck with water spots and swirling.

I began researching online for ways and techniques to improve my car's appearance. After acquiring a few tools, products, and mistakes along the way I successfully detailed my first vehicle. It was ok. Nothing special. But to me it was the start of a craft. I could go all day without food just to be able to finish a car before sunset. To be able to take those pictures in the perfect lighting illustrating how much work and sweat I poured into that detail.

Over 15 years later and the passion is still there. The pursuit of perfection!