All of our services are performed in-house in our detailing workshop. This allows us to not only control the environment while we work on your vehicle, but gives us complete access to the tools and products we need in order to give you the absolute best results. You can count on Spud Suds to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests.

Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

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Prices for each service will vary depending on the vehicle.
We work with each customer's needs and budget, don't hesitate to reach out for pricing details.

Standard Detail Service

Our standard detail is a great introduction into the style of work we do. Small areas that can commonly be overlooked are addressed as a standard. Extra measures are taken to safely clean, decontaminate, and protect the vehicle's exterior. The interior is given an over haul as we remove all loose debris, give a deep vacuum, and wipe down all surfaces with a mild cleanser. A neat and very presentable automobile is the end result. Duration for this service can vary from 6-8 hours. 

  • Wheels (faces and barrels), tires, fender wells, and visible suspension components are thoroughly cleaned and dressed.

  •  Door jams, Engine cowl, fuel compartment, trunk or hatch jams cleaned and protected with an SiO2 based paint sealant. Plastics are dressed with a UV protectant.

  •  Automotive High Alkaline wash solution is used to breakdown road film, bugs, treesap, and heavy dirt from the vehicle's exterior.

  • Decontamination process to remove embedded soils and contaminants. Commonly found issues like waterspouts, industrial fallout, and tar are safely removed. The result is a smooth & clean paint finish that will allow the paint sealant to bond correctly.

  • a professional grade paint sealant is applied to all exterior paint and glass. 

  • Interior cabin, trunk, and compartments and given a deep vacuum, compressed air is utilized to dislodge and remove loose debris from tight spaces.

  • All hard and soft touch surface are wiped down using a PH Neutral interior cleaner.

  • Headliner fabric, visors, and interior pillars are steam cleaned to remove soiling without damaging or loosening automotive glues and adhesive.

  • Interior glass is cleaned to be spot and streak free (guaranteed)

Premium Detail Services

  • Machine Polishing: Paint correction is our specialty. We have been offering paint correction since 2004 and have acquired skills and techniques that can only be attributed to our relentless efforts to become better. From paint enhancement to color sanding we offer a variety of levels that can take your vehicle's point from bad to fab. A test spot is free and highly recommended.

  • Protective coatings: From exterior ceramics to interior protection, we carry and install a variety coatings for a multitude of surfaces. Each product hand selected to provide the right type of protection for your vehicle's surface.

  • Hot Water Extraction & Interior fabric cleaning: Cloth seating and carpeted floor mats require frequent cleaning in order to keep them looking good. Sometimes staining and soiling can accumulate and become embedded into the foam cushioning underneath. We utilize a commercial grade extractor in order to shampoo and remove heavy spills and stains. We identify and address stains and use appropriate cleaners to remove and lift the soiling. 

  • Overspray: From road paint, to house paint, to bodyshop paint. If you have over spray, we have methods and techniques to safely remove it without causing damage to your vehicle. 

3rd Party services

Our specialty is automotive detailing. We do not pretend to be anything else. Instead, we partner with handpicked businesses that have proven to be excellent in their field. These business are able to service your vehicle during it's stay with us, many times for the same cost of taking it there. Services include:

-Wheel repair, powder coating, and refinishing
-Window film and tinting
-Paintless Dent Repair
-Paint Protection Film


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If you're looking for the ultimate protection for your vehicle, enhanced gloss and shine like never before & easier maintenance than ever before, then contact us for a personalized quote on our professional grade coatings. We use different grades of coatings including Titanium, Ceramic, and Graphene dependent on the type of environmental resistance you need. All coatings made to last up to 6 years, and guaranteed to last 3 years with minimal self maintenance.

  • Ceramic installations include full vehicle prep

  • Decontamination

  • Paint Correction

  • Application of Coating


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Our engine detailing service is a cosmetic cleaning of your engine compartment. We utilize steam, brushes, and specialty cleaners in order to clean engine surfaces. We dress all plastics with water based protectants that provide a matte dry to the touch finish. 



Brake dust is made up of metal particles from the abrasion of brake pads. These particles can embed themselves into the painted surfaces making wheel cleaning a strenuous chore. This service is recommended for vehicles that produce heavy amounts of dust or see high performance use.

*All painted brake and suspension components are included in this service