All of our services are performed in-house in our detailing workshop. This allows us to not only control the environment while we work on your vehicle, but gives us complete access to the tools and products we need in order to give you the absolute best results. You can count on Spud Suds to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests.

Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

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Prices for each package will vary depending on the vehicle.
We work with each customer's needs and budget, don't hesitate to reach out for pricing details.



  •   Wheels, tires, and inner fenders are thoroughly cleaned

  • Door jams are cleaned and dried

  • Fuel cap area is cleaned and degreased

  • Vehicle is foamed with a higher alkaline soap to help dissolve dirt and grime

  • Soft bristled brushes are utilized to agitate emblems, vents, and other small and hard to reach areas

  • Vehicle is then washed by hand in a safe manner to avoid any wash induced marring or scratching 

  • Vehicle is then put through a decontamination process in order to remove tar, sap, waterspots, iron fallout, and other bonded contaminants that do not come off with washing. 

  • A water activated SiO2 sealant is applied on ALL exterior surfaces

  • Vehicle is then dried using forced air and soft microfiber towels.

  • Painted surfaces receive an additional hand application of an SiO2 based sealant that is intended to offer  4-6 months of shine and protection.

  • Tires, and plastic trim are conditioned with a water-based sling-free formula


  • Deep vacuum of all loose debris

  • Compressed air is used to dislodge any hard to reach dirt and debris from tight and hard to reach areas

  • Interior surfaces are given a wipe down with a mild cleaner.

  • Leather surfaces are wiped down with a ph neutral leather cleaner

  • Glass is thoroughly cleaned and inspected to be streak-free. 


The Premium Detail includes all the steps from our standard detail as well as...

  • Machine polished paint enhancement. Increases shine, gloss, and clarity to the paint. Although not offered as paint correction, this service does indeed remove light marring and surface defects. This paint enhancement is recommended for daily driven vehicles. 

  • All interior components are thoroughly scrubbed clean.

  • A UV protectant is applied to all hard and soft touch plastic and vinyl surfaces.

  • Leather is conditioned to a matte look, keeping seats soft and supple.


The Ceramic Detail includes all the steps from our standard and premium detail, as well as...

  • One 6-8hr session of paint correction. We utilize fine abrasives and multiple sized polishers to correct and address all painted areas of the vehicles exterior.  This brings out the most shine/gloss of all of our services. 

  • Once properly polished and corrected, the paint is given a single layer of our professional grade ceramic coating.

  • Once the coating is applied, the vehicle is given 24hrs to cure in our work shop.  

What are the benefits to a ceramic coating? 

There are so many truths and myths floating around behind the term "ceramic" that it can be quite confusing. This article from J.D. Power does an excellent job of describing the benefits and truths. 


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If you're looking for the ultimate protection for your vehicle, enhanced gloss and shine like never before & easier maintenance than ever before, then contact us for a personalized quote on our professional grade coatings. We use different grades of coatings including Titanium, Ceramic, and Graphene dependent on the type of environmental resistance you need. All coatings made to last up to 6 years, and guaranteed to last 3 years with minimal self maintenance.

  • Pricing include full vehicle prep

  • Decontamination

  • Paint Correction

  • Application of Coating


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Our engine detailing service is a cosmetic cleaning of your engine compartment. We utilize steam in order to limit the amount of moisture brought into the engine bay.



Brake dust is made up of metal particles from the abrasion of brake pads. These particles can embed themselves into the painted surfaces making wheel cleaning a strenuous chore. This service is recommended for vehicles that produce heavy amounts of dust or see high performance use.

*All painted brake and suspension components are included in this service