Ceramic Coatings
Owner's Pride & IGL Coatings accredited installer. Making sure the proper steps taken prior to installing a ceramic coating is 90% of the outcome. We take special care and time to make sure your coating is installed correctly. Passion leads our efforts and as the saying goes, our work speaks for itself. Have questions? We want to answer them. Give us a call. 

Paint Correction 
Oh boy, are you in luck! Not only do we offer paint correction, but we specialize in it. Our pursuit of perfection throughout the last two decades has given us ample experience and knowledge in proper paint correction. From wetsanding to paint enhancements, we have the skills and expertise to bring your paint back to that show room shine. Unsure if your paint can benefit from paint correction? Give us a call to schedule a consult and let us guide you thought the different options your vehicle can benefit from.