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Exterior Maintenance Wash

Turnaround: 1-2 hours

(Mobile service available)

During this exterior service, we wash off road film and build up that has accumulated since it's last wash. Once the car is cleaned and decontaminated, we use a silica spray sealant to refresh the vehicle's hydrophobic efficacy and help maintain a high gloss.


  • Two bucket hand wash

  • Handwash wheels & tires

  •  Decontamination to remove bugs/tar/grime

  • No-sling tire dressing

  • Hydrophobic spray sealant


Interior Maintenance Detail

Turnaround: 30-60 minutes

(Mobile service available)

During this interior service, your vehicle's interior is cleaned of all loose dirt and debris accumulated after it's last cleaning. 


  • Vacuum floors and trunk area

  • Light wipe down of interior surfaces

  • Clean glass streak-free inside and out

  • Door jams are cleaned and wipe down with a silica spray sealant.

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